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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Running Water

The most recent development that proves just how weird Hannah Cat really is...We already knew that she would not eat out of her bowl (she pops food out onto the floor and eats it from there). But now she has decided that it is also beneath her royal cat-ness to drink out of her bowl. She wants running water from the faucet! Every night when we head upstairs for Gloria's shower, Hannah races ahead of us and sits expectantly on the counter. We have to turn the water on in the sink while Gloria is showering. HC either swats the running water and licks it off her paws or sticks her face right in and catches it in her mouth. She always seems so thristy, and her water bowl is never in need of refilling. So, I suspect this is the only water she is drinking. I refuse to leave the water running all day, every day. What to do...

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