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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Snaggle Tooth

One is just never good enough for my child! Her teeth always seem to come out in multiples, and this time is no exception...

Last Thursday, she ate an apple on the airplane (we were on our way to Memphis) and it really loosened up one of the two loose teeth that were in her mouth. Neither one was particularly loose or ready to come out, but the apple did the trick on this one. When I was putting her to bed that night, she sat up and spit her tooth into her hand..."My tooth just came out!" It just fell out when she was wiggling it with her tongue.

So she had a pattern in the top of her mouth where her four front teeth should tooth, tooth, no tooth, and then a loose tooth, but at least there was a tooth.

Today when I picked her up from after school care, we were about to walk out the door when her teacher said "Her tooth is in her bag." Huh??? The story I was told on the way to the car is that someone ran into her on the slide and then her tooth came out. Now she is missing a tooth, has one tooth (that isn't all the way in, yet), a tooth that is just about to cut through but isn't there yet, and another missing tooth. The two holes next to each other and one hole on the other side of the lone top tooth are kind of funny looking. I'm glad school pictures were last week BEFORE she lost these two teeth!

I'll try to post a picture soon...when I feel like getting up off the sofa. (I have strep throat.)

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Sorry to hear you have strep. Hope you feel better soon. Strep is not fun.-Martha