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Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Shoes!

Yesterday, we went through our normal morning routine: Gloria asks me what shoes she should wear, I make a suggestion, she balks/whines/complains about my horrible suggestion and says she wants to wear a different pair. I tell her that's fine and she shoots back with "No it's not. You said to wear the others." If I decline to make a suggestion, that's just as bad. I can't win.

So, I suggested her gym shoes yesterday since it was, after all, PE day. Seems reasonable enough, right? Wrong. She wanted to wear her blue shoes Maggee got her. To which I replied "That's fine. Wear the blue shoes Maggee got you." Well, they were dirty--filthy is a better word choice, actually--so she begrudgingly gave in to my suggestion of the gym shoes. Only, I didn't know what the gym shoes looked like, until yesterday after school when I picked her up at 4:30. Here they are. They should actually be white, not gray, and there should not be a gaping hole in the toe of the right shoe (I know it's on the left in the picture!).

I found out that the hole was indeed there in the morning. When I inquired as to WHY she wore those ratty shoes to school she innocently replied, "But you told me to, Momma." ARGH!!!

So, we made a stop at the shoe store on the way home and got the poor child some new tennis shoes. Don't they look much nicer? Not to mention 2 sizes larger than the others!

She wore them out of the store and went skipping, jumping, galloping, leaping through the parking lot because you can always do those things so much better in a new pair of shoes.


Kathy said...

How funny! Thursday morning I discovered that the soles of Ellie's tennis shoes were peeling off. I asked Ellie when did that happen. She said "they have been like that for a looooong time" I don't think I have went that "loooong" without noticing. Fortunately, I had already bought a new pair several weeks ago. She was super thrilled I "finally" let her wear them.

Friends said...

You say that with such sarcasm. It's true, new shoes DO make you skip, jump and walk faster. Don't yours. LOL