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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Outsmarted by the Cat!

Hannah Cat has decided that she likes to scratch the corner of a chair in Gloria's room. Granted, somewhere deep inside, it probably has the scent of other cats who have scratched the same chair in the same place many, many years ago: Payton and Saki, to name two. The chair I am talking about used to be my dad's chair before I "inherited" it in my first apartment 16 years ago. Anyway...while shopping today, I picked up a roll of "scratch deterrent" tape. It's basically two-sided sticky tape. I diligently applied it to the corner of the chair with HC watching from one of her favorite perches. When I finished, she went to inspect my work. She sniffed all around the chair, backed away, sniffed some more, meowed, and sniffed some more, all the while throwing me these "you're not going to get the best of me" looks. And she was right. She put her paw on the tape, but quickly pulled away because she didn't like the sticky feeling on her paw. Instead, she started biting at the tape. She didn't like when it stuck on her nose, but she kept working and managed to pull off an entire piece. She left other pieces on there, but I'm sure she will go back to work on those later. Stupid cat. cat, really. I just hate being bested by a cat!

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