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Friday, July 10, 2009

A Free Meal

I'm thinking you probably know that today was Cow Appreciation Day at "Chicken Lay" (2 year old Gloria-speak for that chicken sandwich chain that has cows as their mascot). And, being that it's summer time and we are trying very hard to be budget conscious, we decided that dressing up like cows was a small price to pay for a free meal. So...white shirt, shorts, tights, and some black construction paper spots affixed with masking tape, ears and a tail and Gloria was transformed into a cow. I just couldn't bring myself to do the whole cow thing, but I did don a pair of ears. Appropriately clad, we set out to claim our free dinner.

Fortunately, we went early...before it got really crowded. We had fun seeing all the different ways people were dressed as cows, young and old alike. We both agreed that Hada probably would NOT have put on cow ears even though there were other grandparent-aged folks there (without grandchildren).

Speaking of grandparents...I periodically will mention a "Dodo-ism" to Gloria as I tell her a story about my grandfather, her great grandfather. I forget how much she really remembers, but as we were leaving the restaurant she informed me, "Whew! I'm stuffed. Dodo would say 'bloatissimo,' wouldn't he Momma?" I agreed that yes, that would be what he would say. She went on to add "I wish I had gotten to meet Dodo." Brought tears to my eyes.

Here's my little cow, ready to go eat more chicken.

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Anonymous said...

Uncle Will wanted to dress up like a cow. He LOVES chicken sandwiches. Martha