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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What Ever Happened to the "Lazy Days" of Summer???

Today was anything but lazy. Really, our whole summer has been anything but lazy when I stop to think about it.

Today we...
headed out early so I could meet with Gloria's first grade teacher. She starts first grade in one week! From there, we headed to the last free summer movie (with a stop to get some treats to smuggle in deep down in my purse ;) ). Following the movie, we stopped at the library to get some new books for both of us. The next stop was the center where Gloria will attend before-school care this year. I needed to take them some paperwork and confirm her starting date. Then, off we went to Target. After our quick Target trip, we zipped across the street to the grocery store for a few things and finally headed home for a very late lunch. When I was finished with my lunch I sat down to take care of some telephone calls.

My first call was to the vet's office. Hannah Cat was in dire need of having her claws clipped. I can usually get the front ones done to the tune of much growling, hissing, yowling, and general carrying on from HC. But, I can't do her back paws and they were sporting some serious fishhooks. Turns out the vet's technician could see her today...if we could be there in 10-15 minutes. I promptly said yes and got off the phone. Hannah took one look at her carrier and went tearing up the stairs to hide under Gloria's dresser. It took almost 10 minutes and lots of hissing and gnashing of teeth to get her out and into the carrier. We ended up having to wait a little while, but we now have a cat with very short claws.

We dashed in the door from the vet trip to quickly change into gym clothes. There was a children's class that G wanted to particapate in at the Y this afternoon but we only had 15 minutes to change and get to the Y. We made it...just 5 minutes late...and both of us got to excercise this afternoon. Glo had a lot of fun in her class. I think they played some games and bounced around on the balance balls. I enjoyed 40 minutes by myself on the eliptical trainer and the indoor track. The pool was great after all of that!

Home for dinner, bath, and bed time. Whew! I'm ready for an early bedtime tonight and a lazy day tomorrow...I'll have to settle for the early bedtime though. Tomorrow is another busy day.

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