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Friday, October 2, 2009

My Little Bookworm!

She reads EVERYWHERE! In the car, in bed, at the dining room table while eating breakfast. When she gets up on Saturday or Sunday morning, she gets a stack of books and gets back in bed. There are books everywhere in my house and in my car. Anywhere she can curl up or stretch out with a book, she does. The girl simply loves books. And she can read literally anything she picks up. (I was told recently that her independent reading level is equivalent to a child at the end of fourth grade...not that I was surprised or anything...I read with her all the time.) Tonight I called up the stairs to her three times to tell her to come down for dinner. Finally I yelled up "Did you get lost up there?" The reply finally came back..."Yes. I got lost in a magazine. It was just so good." Then she came down and proceeded to tell me all about the article she had been reading, about people building snow sculptures, in pretty explicit detail. "It was just so cool! I felt like I was there!"

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