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Monday, November 30, 2009

Decorating the Christmas Tree

I struggle with this every year. I don't want to get out all the Christmas decor right after Thanksgiving. Yet, I don't want to take away from Gloria's enjoyment of the things she loves to see year after year. So this year, we are taking it slowly and just getting out a few things at a time. We have the Advent wreath out now and are trying to focus on preparing for the celebration of Christmas instead of the annual visit from Santa.

I did get the Christmas tree out of the attic yesterday afternoon. The only thing on it immediately was the string of white lights we always use. Then, we got out all of the ornaments that we want to use this year and put them in a basket in the living room. Each night after dinner, we are each choosing one ornament to hang on the tree. We talk about where the ornament came from, why it is special, or what it represents.

I had to laugh last night...Gloria's first ornament was a snowman ornament that she received last year. She remembered opening it and then said, "I really like this one because the snowgirl is so fashionable." Don't know where that word came from, because we certainly aren't "fashionable" around here! I chose the family ornament from our first Christmas as a forever family....2004. Tonight we both chose cardinal ornaments, but for different reasons. Gloria put one up because she knows how much Hannah Cat loves watching the cardinals that feed outside our back window. I chose the other one because I am so thankful to be one of the SCES Cardinals this year!

I think it will be fun to watch our tree "grow" as we move through the coming weeks.

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