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Friday, November 6, 2009

Indoor Camp-out

I am writing tonight from my living room sofa, in total darkness, listening to Gloria's even breathing while she sleeps in a tent. She discovered recently that I actually have a tent. Yes, a REAL tent. One that might be used for actual camping by other folks. My reason for having this tent goes back many years to a Towel Ministry summer work camp. Anyway...after learning that there was a tent in our attic, Gloria has been begging me to set it up for her. This afternoon, I gave in.

After the excitement of getting the tent bag out of the attic, I impressed my sweet child even more by actually knowing HOW to set up the tent. Then she was surprised by the size of it since it takes up ALL of the floor space in our living room (which really isn't that much). After reading and playing in it for a while, she decided that she wanted to sleep in it tonight. I agreed to that with the understanding that the tent goes down in the morning.

After our Friday night movie, she suddenly got very worried looking and began to cry. She was scared to sleep downstairs, but desparately wanted to do so. I finally asked her if she wanted me to sleep on the sofa...and here I am. She's sleeping soundly. Me...not so much. Maybe after a little more time on line???

One funny thing about the tent is Hannah Cat's reaction to it. She has tried, unsuccessfully, to climb it, jump over it, crawl under it...let's just say she is not a happy cat right now with this large, strange object in the middle of her house. It is in the way of the path she takes when she is tearing from one end of the house to the other. She has let us know in no uncertain terms that this thing is unacceptable! Of course, in the morning she will search for it after I put it away.

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