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Monday, December 21, 2009

The Night Before Traveling

With the greatest apologies to Clement C. Moore!

Twas the night before traveling, when all through the house
Every creature was stirring, including Hannah Cat chasing her mouse.
The suitcases were packed--everything stuffed in there,
In hopes that we all have the right clothes to wear.

Gloria should be nestled all snug in her bed,
With visions of grandparents dancing in her head.
And Momma should be in bed with the cat on her lap
Settling in for a (hopefully) long, good night's nap.

But out of the cabinets and drawers, there's a mess.
Where is that sweater? We can't find her dress!
Away down the stairs I flew like a flash,
Scaring HC, who ran into a bag with a crash!

The moon's barely shining, and I'm glad there's no snow.
But I sit here and ask "Will we be ready to go?"
Because every minute, in my mind should appear...
More things I should pack...I'm running out of room, I do fear.

Tomorrow we drive, so lively and quick.
It will take us 10 hours. G, don't get carsick!
More rapid than eagles, the van it will go.
We're taking the "southern" route...I40's a no.

A rest area, a restaurant, now where's that gas station?
Something tells me this must be our Christmas vacation!
To Atlanta! To Birmingham! To Holly Springs!
At last, "MEMPHIS!" we will finally sing.

We will unpack the car. Hada will assist.
Hannah will leap from my arms with a twist.
Emmett and Screamer and Hannah Cat too!?!
This could get ugly with a hiss or a growl...or quite a few...

This Christmas, more memories will be made.
Toys will be opened, games will be played.
We'll laugh and we'll talk, we'll do last minute shopping.
There will be lots to do...I'm sure we'll be hopping!

Children, cats, and grown-ups galore.
Presents under the tree will cover the floor.
Family will be together at last.
Our time together will fly by entirely too fast

But for now, I must pack and be ready by morning.
The clock hands are moving, giving their warning...
Go to bed! Get some sleep!
The alarm will soon beep!

So now I suppose I will turn off the light.
Good night to all. I hope you sleep tight!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Super Reader!

Gloria has been hard at work for a few weeks reading Little House in the Big Woods by herself. This is a fifth grade level book, and remember, she's only 6. But, she has been reading and reading and reading. I thought she would finish it tonight and be ready to take her comprehension test at school tomorrow. But I was wrong...Evidently she finished it at before-school care this morning...

This afternoon, she jumped into the car and says, in a very serious voice, "I need to tell you something." Thinking there was some sort of problem today, I just glanced at her in the rear-view mirror. At that point, she starts talking so fast I can't understand her. Something about "I-took- my-AR-test-today-and-I-got-a-100-which-means-I didn't-miss-any-and-I-have-my-TOPS- report-in-here-somewhere-so-you-can-see-it-and-I-was-so-happy-and-I-know-you-are-so- surprised-aren't-you-Momma-and-you-will-be-so-proud-of-me-so-do-I-get-a-treat?" (I had promised her a reward if she made a 90% or better on her test because this is a L-O-N-G book and she's been working so hard.) Then she pulled out her TOPS report, which is a bunch of statistical information and wants me to look at every detail. Check out some of it:

This book:
  • Correct: 10 out of 10 100%
  • Points earned: 5.0
  • Book level: 5.3
  • Word count: 33,586 (she LOVED that one)
For the year:
  • Average percent correct: 95%
  • Points earned: 16.8
  • Quizzes Passed (and taken): 6
  • Total words read: 120,539 (she loved that one even more!)
Keeping my word for a reward, we went to the dentist's office for sealants on her back molars. ;) No, that wasn't her reward, but we had to do that first. Then we made a stop at the craft store where she picked out some tracing paper and some special sketching pencils. That's what she's working on right now.

She's already got her next book picked out, but she says she will wait until tomorrow to start it...her brain needs a rest!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Fun Saturday in December

Last night, Gloria's "BFF" spent the night. The girls played and had a good time...and stayed up way too late. Combine that with getting wwwaaayyyy too early on a Saturday morning and I was sure that was a recipe for disaster. Fortunately I was wrong. :) :) :)

This morning we set out on an "adventure." It was downright frigid out there, so everyone was bundled up with heavy coats, gloves, hoods, etc. since we would be walking around down town. Since there was a marathon here today, we opted to take the light rail, much to the girls' delight. Did you know it is really cool to pass a train that is going the other way? Our down town destination was Founders Hall where we were going to see the Leonard Bearstein Symphony Orchestra. They are a set of audio-animatronic bears that perform a holiday symphony. We really enjoyed singing along with them...and changing the words sometimes so we could giggle even more. There are lots of Christmas decorations down there so that was an added bonus today. We lunched at Jason's Deli before returning to the light rail and heading for home.

I could tell both girls were tired. Who wouldn't be after a late night and a super early morning??? Little disagreements were beginning to creep into their play, so I got them involved in painting some of the bread dough ornaments that Gloria and I had "baked" last weekend. What a great calming activity. And then it was time for our guest to go home. Parting is always so hard.

Gloria was so tired tonight, even though she tried to deny it. However, I have proof now...she fell asleep almost as soon as her head hit her pillow...with her arms flung over her head in the "I surrender" manner. And now, it's my turn. Good night. Sleep tight. Stay warm tonight!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Letter to Santa

While I wish Gloria was better about cleaning up her writing projects, I do love some of the things I find. They are truly treasures. Here's the most recent one...(I've left the spelling and punctuation the way she did it.)

Dear Santa,
How is Mrs. Claus? How is Rudolph? Can you tell Rudolph hi for me? Sorry I only wave to you I'm a scardy cat...well maybe not that much...oh...why did I write to might be asking. Well about what I want for Christmas of course. Well my number one thing is a Netendo DS. And the new D.S. Tinker Bell and the lost tresere game. My mommy wood like a new broom and Hannah wood like two pakeges of Greenies Tuna flaverd please. Purrrrr purrrrrrr Thanks purr.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Writing Assignment

Gloria is "teaching" her "class" right now. It cracks me up to listen to sometimes. It's also quite insightful as to what is going on in her classroom at school. She just finished reading them a story..."One Surprising Night" about Jesus being born. Now it is writing time. For those of you who are familiar with Lucy C*lkins and writing workshop, you would hear lots of things that you have used in your class. Obviously she pays attention during the mini-lessons at school! Anyway...she has just asked her students to do a literature response with the question "Girls, would you like to have been Mary and why or why not? And boys, you can think about being Joseph. Would you like to have been Joseph." She is modeling how to begin a response. Don't yet know what her answer is. Guess I'll have to wait and see!