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Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Fun Saturday in December

Last night, Gloria's "BFF" spent the night. The girls played and had a good time...and stayed up way too late. Combine that with getting wwwaaayyyy too early on a Saturday morning and I was sure that was a recipe for disaster. Fortunately I was wrong. :) :) :)

This morning we set out on an "adventure." It was downright frigid out there, so everyone was bundled up with heavy coats, gloves, hoods, etc. since we would be walking around down town. Since there was a marathon here today, we opted to take the light rail, much to the girls' delight. Did you know it is really cool to pass a train that is going the other way? Our down town destination was Founders Hall where we were going to see the Leonard Bearstein Symphony Orchestra. They are a set of audio-animatronic bears that perform a holiday symphony. We really enjoyed singing along with them...and changing the words sometimes so we could giggle even more. There are lots of Christmas decorations down there so that was an added bonus today. We lunched at Jason's Deli before returning to the light rail and heading for home.

I could tell both girls were tired. Who wouldn't be after a late night and a super early morning??? Little disagreements were beginning to creep into their play, so I got them involved in painting some of the bread dough ornaments that Gloria and I had "baked" last weekend. What a great calming activity. And then it was time for our guest to go home. Parting is always so hard.

Gloria was so tired tonight, even though she tried to deny it. However, I have proof now...she fell asleep almost as soon as her head hit her pillow...with her arms flung over her head in the "I surrender" manner. And now, it's my turn. Good night. Sleep tight. Stay warm tonight!

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