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Monday, December 14, 2009

Super Reader!

Gloria has been hard at work for a few weeks reading Little House in the Big Woods by herself. This is a fifth grade level book, and remember, she's only 6. But, she has been reading and reading and reading. I thought she would finish it tonight and be ready to take her comprehension test at school tomorrow. But I was wrong...Evidently she finished it at before-school care this morning...

This afternoon, she jumped into the car and says, in a very serious voice, "I need to tell you something." Thinking there was some sort of problem today, I just glanced at her in the rear-view mirror. At that point, she starts talking so fast I can't understand her. Something about "I-took- my-AR-test-today-and-I-got-a-100-which-means-I didn't-miss-any-and-I-have-my-TOPS- report-in-here-somewhere-so-you-can-see-it-and-I-was-so-happy-and-I-know-you-are-so- surprised-aren't-you-Momma-and-you-will-be-so-proud-of-me-so-do-I-get-a-treat?" (I had promised her a reward if she made a 90% or better on her test because this is a L-O-N-G book and she's been working so hard.) Then she pulled out her TOPS report, which is a bunch of statistical information and wants me to look at every detail. Check out some of it:

This book:
  • Correct: 10 out of 10 100%
  • Points earned: 5.0
  • Book level: 5.3
  • Word count: 33,586 (she LOVED that one)
For the year:
  • Average percent correct: 95%
  • Points earned: 16.8
  • Quizzes Passed (and taken): 6
  • Total words read: 120,539 (she loved that one even more!)
Keeping my word for a reward, we went to the dentist's office for sealants on her back molars. ;) No, that wasn't her reward, but we had to do that first. Then we made a stop at the craft store where she picked out some tracing paper and some special sketching pencils. That's what she's working on right now.

She's already got her next book picked out, but she says she will wait until tomorrow to start it...her brain needs a rest!

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Anonymous said...

You are amazing! You have no idea how excited I am to hear about your reading progress. Reading takes you on magical journeys, gives you information, and opens a widow to the world. Don’t ever lose that excitement about reading.

When I was a little girl, I loved the Ramona books by Beverly Clearly. Ramona the Pest is the first one in the series. Ramona reminds me a lot of Junie B. Jones, but a little more sophisticated. She gets herself into these "situations" and you can't help but laugh! I also love the book Socks by Beverly Cleary. It is about a cat that is part of a family. Does that sound familiar? :) Take care and happy reading!

-Mrs. Shumaker