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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lost and Found

This afternoon, Gloria climbed in the car after school. As usual, I asked her how her day had been. She looked sad and said, "Do you see what's missing?" I didn't but was she quickly told me that her new ear muffs were missing and was she upset about it! Evidently the last time she knew she had them was when her class came in from recess. She knew she had hung them on a hook by her coat, but couldn't find them when it was time for car pool. Poor thing...she was so sad...we both got ear muffs for Christmas and they have been the favorite present this week since it has been sooooo cold, especially in the mornings. I told her that I was sure they would turn up, but she was convinced that they were gone for ever.

As we were walking into the Y a little while later, here is what I saw:

Do you see what I saw??? Right there in her hood??? Yep...the ear muffs. Whew~

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