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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Now Screamer Makes 4

At least for now...

Meet Screamer.

We didn't name him. My dad did. And it is fitting, I assure you. This little guy has some serious vocal cords on him, especially in the middle of the night when he thinks it is play time. And yes, he is cross-eyed.

Screamer appeared at my parents' house back in October. Mom was thrilled. Dad was not. Then we went to Memphis for Christmas. Screamer is a very laid back, easy going kind of cat. He actually likes to sit on you lap (or chest or shoulder or head) and will stay there as long as you allow him to do so. One day, he curled up on Gloria's lap and happily sat there while she was watching a video. When I walked by, my sweet daughter looks at me with her big brown eyes and says "Momma, this was the kind of cat I wanted when we got Hannah Cat. He's not wild and crazy." That was the beginning of the end...and Screamer came to live with us.

HC and Screamer got along ok while we were in Memphis and on his turf. But now that we are home on HC's territory...that's another story. They are doing better today, but Hannah is still clearly NOT happy with him or with us for allowing him into her house. Mom is coming to visit in February. She says that if he is causing havoc or Hannah Cat is still disgruntled that she will take him back to her house again. Of course, if he keeps trying to get me out of bed at 3:30 in the morning, I might be the disgruntled one. But Gloria is thrilled to have a cat that will let her pick him up and who will snuggle with her or just sit contentedly on her lap.

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