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Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Palm Sunday Dilemma

Today was Palm Sunday. Gloria found herself in a quandary about what she wanted to do. She usually goes to "atrium" and then joins me in church at the peace. (Those of you who know me well know that this isn't my favorite scenario, but that's for another day...) But she really wanted to participate in the liturgy of the palms. We went back and forth, round and round over what she could do.
  1. Go to atrium and join me at the peace, like always.
  2. Miss atrium and just go to church.
  3. Go to atrium and I would come get her before I went to church.
Nothing was perfect, and that's what she was seeking. The first choice upset her because she really wanted to be in church, as I already mentioned. The second choice was not acceptable because she would miss atrium and she really wanted to work on the baptism work some more (hmmm...maybe she could write my thesis for me???). The third choice was not desirable because she didn't want to miss half of her atrium time. "Why can't they do the liturgy of the palms after the children come to church?" was her question. "It's not fair that we have to miss it." She finally settled for the third choice after she realized that she would be in atrium for more time that what she would miss.

She leaned over and whispered to me during communion "Mommy, the music has gotten quieter and sadder since we started. Is that because we read about Jesus dying?" She sensed the change in mood, from celebrating Jesus riding into Jerusalem to his crucifixion days later. I think we often underestimate our children by thinking that "they don't get it" or "they can't sit still that long." Because I'm here to tell you, she "got it" big time today, and she participated fully, sitting quietly and listening/following along in her bulletin.

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Brenna said...

Children absolutely do "get it" and often when we think they aren't listening or paying attention. They pay attention to more than we do sometimes.
Thanks for sharing.