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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What's Been Going On?

It seems like we've been busy, but doing what? I'm not exactly sure!

  • I was sick.
  • Gloria was sick.
  • Screamer chewed a hole in his water dish.
  • Screamer dumped Hannah's water dish over about 25 times. He picks it up with his teeth. I've watched him do it.
  • We bought a new, very heavy water dish for Screamer. Hopefully he can't chew through it (it's ceramic) and hopefully it can't be picked up (it's heavy and doesn't have a "lip" he can get a hold on).
  • Had a first conversation with a realtor. Thinking about putting our little townhouse on the market.
  • Gloria has had 2 horseback riding lessons and is completely in love with it. More on that when I have some pictures to go with it.
  • We had Gloria's 7 year old check up. The best part of that was NO shots. Whew!
  • Gloria also had her dental check up. I always feel like a bad mom when leaving those. She DOES brush her teeth twice a day. I DO brush her teeth at night. We DO floss her teeth. We DO use a fluoride rinse. But we only ever get "fair" on her report with a note that "a parent must help with brushing and flossing at night." Grrrr.....
  • All the trees behind our house have green leaves again. It's very pretty to look at. I love spring!

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