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Friday, June 25, 2010

She NEEDS to Hug Me

Gloria has been at her grandparents' house for three weeks. It's been a long three weeks sometimes, but then again it has gone by so quickly. I finished the school year and fought an upper respiratory infection while she was gone. There were a few days between the end of school and my travel to northern VA where I really missed her. The house was too quiet and I just didn't really know what to do with myself. I've been in VA at the seminary for a week and have really gotten a good amount of work done on starting my thesis. I really wish I had another week--I could really knock a big chunk of it out if I did. I half-jokingly suggested that to Gloria on the phone this morning. She wasn't going to hear of any such thing. "NO MOMMA!! NO!! I NEED to hug you! It's been TOO long!" Yeah, I need to hug her too. It has been too long. Just have to hang on 'till tomorrow.

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Brenna said...

What is the topic of your thesis? When do you expect to graduate? This will be a MACE, correct? That's what I have, too. Master of Arts in Christian Education with a specialization in childhood education.

Good work, Merrill. Keep it up!