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Monday, July 26, 2010

Beach Mom? Not Me!

I am so not a good beach mom.  I know that.  I try, but I just don't do it very well. 

Don't get me wrong...I love the beach.  Love it!  When I can walk along the beach, right on the edge of the water.  When I can pick up a shell or two that catch my eye.  When I can sit on a chair with my toes in the sand and read a book or just enjoy watching the sea gulls and pelicans.  I love the beach like that, along with a good ocean breeze.

I'm not a good beach mom though.  I don't like to play out in the ocean.  Can't stand thinking about what all else is in the water, living and non-living.  Ick!  I don't like to sit in the sand where the waves are coming in and get sand all in my bathing suit.  Double ick!  I don't build very good sand castles, and do I really need to ooh and aah over the 37th piece of a shell that looks like half of the other 36 that are already in the bucket? (The answer to that, of course, is YES!)

But for this beach trip, that's what the grandmother is for.  Most of it, anyway.  I can enjoy shells and walking with three sandy little girls along the beach.  Then I can sit on the beach blanket and watch two little girls work diligently on sand castle after sand castle that keeps getting eaten by the waves, no matter how high they attempt to build the wall around it while the third little girl sits in the sand and plays with her grandmother.  That I can do.  Apply sunscreen?  Sure.  Hand out juice boxes and water bottles?  I can do that too.  Move the blanket and towels and cooler and myriad of flip flops when the tide starts coming in?  Absolutely.  Happy to do it.

Just don't make me get in the water or sit in the sand.  I'm happy to watch everyone else be happy playing at the beach.  Now...if I only had a book...

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