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Friday, July 30, 2010

A Bug in the Darkness

There are lots of things to blog about from our trip to Edisto, but Tuesday night is the one that is getting the most laughter and retelling around here right now.

After a great dinner at the Sea Cow Eatery, we went back to our condo and got the girls ready for bed.  One conked out almost as soon as her little head hit the pillow, and fortunately slept through the whole event that unfolded shortly thereafter.  One was downstairs reading with her grandmother before going to bed.  Gloria was already in bed watching a little bit of a DVD on our portable player.  There was a thunderstorm warning for our area, but things seemed calm--just a little lightning in the distance and a few rumbles of thunder, maybe a little bit of rain. Nothing to get excited about.  Or so we thought...

With the next flash of lightning, the lights went out.  Total darkness surrounded us.  From the third floor I heard Gloria yell for me with terror in her voice, but I couldn't see to make my way across the room and ascend all those stairs.  Instead, she unplugged the DVD player and used the glow of the screen to find her way down to where my mom, Gloria's cousin, and I were.  The two girls curled up with the DVD player between them to watch "The Aristocats" until the power came back on.  We assumed it would be just a few minutes and then everyone would go happily off to bed.

WRONG.  The power was out as far as we could see.  Out the windows and across the golf course...DARKNESS.  Across the road and around the darkness, occasionally broken by the flashing light of a security truck driving through the resort.

Mom thought she had a flashlight in her car and went to find it.  In doing so, she left the front door open.  Apparently the glow of the DVD player was interpreted as an invitation to come inside by a rather large flying creature.  Mom thinks it was a cicada.  I didn't get close enough to it to find out.  I heard wings fluttering and the thumping of it flying into walls and finally located it, using the light from my cell phone screen, crawling along the edge of a picture frame.  As soon as Mom made a move to trap it in a cup, it took off again.  We found it again, with the light from my cell phone, but once again it took off.  I was screaming (I HATE big bugs) and jumping every time it took off, you know...acting like a GIRL.  I think it flew right by my ear a time or two, which about did me in.  Finally, Mom was successful in trapping the thing and tossing it back outside.

What we thought would be just a few minutes lasted for the entire length of the movie and then some.  We were tricked by a few brief moments of electricity after we convinced the girls that we all needed to go to bed--just enough time to turn off all the lights that were on and reset the clocks...all before it went out again. 

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