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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Food for Thought...Thoughts for Food

We typically eat a gluten-free diet.  Through some experimentation a few years ago, we learned that gluten might be the source of Gloria's nose bleeds and my arthritis-like symptoms in my back and shoulders.  We usually do pretty well with it, although we will "stray" every once in a while.  I know I feel so much better and don't hurt all the time when I stay gluten-free.  And I don't hear "Momma, I'm having a nose bleed" at two o'clock in the morning. 

Lately, we haven't been very good.  Just this week I can think of Chick-fil-a, lunch with friends at Cracker Barrel, and Subway today when traveling, have all been much easier and much more fun then making the gluten-free choices.  But we are both feeling the effects of it.  My back has been hurting all week and I've taken more Tylen*l than I care to have taken and Gloria has been having nose bleeds quite often.

Guess it's time to buckle down again and free ourselves of the gluten!

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Anonymous said...

But we did have a good time at Cracker Barrel :)