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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Growing Up

For the last few days, Gloria has been watching her "me" video.  "Momma, can I watch me?" really means that she wants to watch the video of herself as a baby/toddler.

It's so hard to remember her as that little tiny 9 1/2 month old baby that I first held in my arms in November of 2003.  She really was tiny, and she kept her legs curled up under her with no interest in straightening them out and putting her feet on the floor.  She couldn't sit up by herself, much less crawl. 

Then the video jumps ahead 3 1/2 months to my trip to bring her home.  She was still such a tiny thing.  She could crawl a little bit, but not much.  Still no interest in putting her feet on the floor. (She wouldn't walk until 18 months of age.)  But that little girl loved books.  She would sit and turn pages and study--didn't matter what book it was.  That continues to this day--she loves to read.

Once we came home, she was crawling all over the place and pulling up on everything.  She would eat everything she could get her hands on and she grew and changed so fast.  It's fun to go back and watch that happen over and over again on the TV screen.  (If only I didn't have to listen to my own voice going on and on and on, narrating every move!)

Fast forward to today...

Sometimes we have conversations that seem so grown up.  Not your typical 7-year old conversations.  Other times, yeah, she's definitely 7.  Today we went from discussing prayers in the Book of Common Prayer to playing with Thomas the T*nk Engine on the living room floor.  I love her curiosity, and I love that she still likes to play with Thomas too!  Of course now I don't have to construct the track and crash my train into hers.  Today, Thomas was taking all of the Disn*y princesses to the merry-go-round at the fair.  And poor Sir T*ppom Hat, who is only about 2 inches tall, had to dance with Cinder*lla who is about 4 times as tall.  They made quite the couple, let me tell you!  :)

When I referred to her as "young lady" this afternoon, Gloria informed me that she is NOT a young lady.  She is a little girl.  Oh?  Her reasoning was that she is not an adult and she is not a teen-ager (whew!) "So therefore, Mommy, I am still a little girl."  I'll take that.  She can be my little girl.  But gosh my little girl is growing up!

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