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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Need a Name

So yesterday we said good-bye to the van and hello to a new car. I can't tell you how glad I am to be back in a car. It does feel strange to be driving "low" but I'm sure that will pass. Gloria hopes that this car will be hers in 9 years. Sounds good to me! ;) In the meantime, she has decided that the car needs a name. The van was either the "mommy van" or "Aunt Merrill's Bus" depending on the situation at hand. And it seems that most of the cars in our family have had names based on color--real original names like "Whitey" or "Blackie" or "Silver." I had a little red car a long time ago that we called Robert, short for Robert Red-Nissan (instead of Robert Redf*ord) and I seem to recall a "Redwood Express" and the "Bloodhound Mobile"--both trucks that belonged to my dad. So, here's the new car...

We were brainstorming names this afternoon and came up with two possibilities: Charlie or Ree. The official color of this car is charcoal grey, thus Charlie. Ree is just the second syllable of the car, just with a different spelling. The vote is split one to one. What do you think?


Karen said...

charlie -

HoundMom said...

I like Charlie, too.

Anonymous said...

Ree is cute.