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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Home from Vacation...Tired...What to Make for Dinner?

Gloria and I arrived home yesterday afternoon from our vacation.  Today...I'm worn out.  Very little got accomplished today.  Glo had speech, we went grocery shopping, and I got one load of laundry done.  Why did I start with the beach towels?  Should have started with something more pressing, don't you think?  But all that stuff was contained in suitcases and the towels were just heaped on the floor.  So they won.

Can't imagine why I'm tired...maybe something to do with driving over1500 miles during the past week or so (10 hours/600 miles yesterday alone)?  Maybe because I've been playing with, entertaining, refereeing, cooking for, reading with, swimming with, hunting shells with...two seven-year olds and a five-year old?  "Camping out" in a motel when there was no AC in Mom's condo and sleeping on an air mattress on the floor?  All of the above?  At any rate, I'm just exhausted today.  Much to Gloria's dismay, I spent the afternoon curled up on the sofa. 

I couldn't even decide what to make for dinner tonight.  Fortunately, there was a box of gluten-free chicken nuggets in the freezer, green beans in the pantry, and fresh strawberries and blueberries in the refrigerator.  Voila!  Dinner.

The menu for the rest of the week:

Wednesday:  Beef and broccoli in the crockpot with rice and fruit
Thursday:  leftovers from Wednesday  :)
Friday:  meeting friends for dinner
Saturday:  spaghetti and salad (I make my own sauce and make enough to freeze several bowls of it so we can have it other times.)
Sunday: breakfast for dinner

I need some new suggestions.  What do you like to fix for dinner?

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Brenna said...

Due to our work schedules, David does most of the cooking for dinner at our house. He likes to cook and often experiments with Food Network dishes.

Try looking for simple recipes on Rachael Ray, Tyler Florence, Sandra Lee, some others have good dishes with few ingredients.

We had chicken scampi. We also like tilapia fish. It's a light meal.