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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Serpentarium

While we were in Edisto, I took Gloria and Reiny to the Serpentarium.  Believe me when I say it was not my idea.  I truly thought that they would absolutely be horrified by the idea when I jokingly mentioned it.  Oh how wrong I was.  One wanted to go, so of course the other one wanted to go too.  There was no way my mom (AKA Maggie or Mema)  was going, so it was up to me, Momma/Aunt Merrill, to provide this outing.

Reptiles of all sorts were every where.  Take a look at some of the creatures we were face to face with.  Only a fence separated us from the gators.  And the snakes...well...makes me shudder to think about them...

One of about 13 that we counted in this particular space.

How's this for a close up shot?!?

Now, turtles...I can handle them!

This iguana stood perfectly still as if posing for me to take his picture.

This guy doesn't live at the Serpentarium, but he comes for dinner every afternoon when they feed the alligators.  Seriously?!?  Stealing food from gators?!?  Not very smart.  Guess that's why the keepers bring him a piece of chicken, too.  They call him "Black Bart," by the way.  And sometimes he brings his girlfriend, "Black Bart's Girlfriend," with him to share the good stuff.

Snakes in trees, snakes in the sun, snakes in the water...entirely too many snakes for my liking!
We saw a snake show and learned lots about snakes.  After the show, lots of the children were holding this snake.  Gloria didn't want to hold him, but she did want to touch him. thank you!!!  Reiny touched it too, but she moved too quickly for my camera.
Happy girls.  :)

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