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Saturday, October 23, 2010

She rides!

After beginning to ride a two-wheel bike last spring, Gloria didn't ride at all this summer.  It was too hot for me to run beside her, she was gone for over a month, we went out of town...You get the idea.  So today I told her we needed to get back to work on learning to ride her bike.  She hemmed and hawed, but finally gave in.  She found her balance pretty quickly, but would only ride a short distance before throwing her feet out to the sides, swerving all over the place, and stopping with another "I can't do this."  But I insisted that she keep trying--she's seven and a's time to ride that bike!  I even asked her what would have happened if Cam Newton had said he couldn't do it when he was learning to play football--how would her Auburn Tigers be doing right now???  For some reason, that did it.  He is her hero and favorite Tiger right now.  So, she gritted her teeth and got down to business--no more chicken legs flailing to the sides of her bike and "I can't" was seen or heard.  With a little help to start, she was able to ride.  She kept stopping though.  I asked her why and she told me that she didn't think she could go any farther.  I told her if she could make it to the speed bump by the pool, I would treat her to a frappacino.  Talk about incentive.  That and I told her that would be like Auburn scoring a touchdown.  Turning around to come back would be the extra point.  Stopping for anything other than a car was a touchdown for those other Tigers they are playing in just a few minutes.  Well, she "scored" 4 touchdowns (and her frappacino), but no extra points.  The other Tigers didn't get a touchdown, but they did get 2 points for an early stop at the other turn-around point.

I had to be the sports commentator as I followed her, but by golly, that was her motivation (besides the frappacino!).  She still needs help starting, but then she rides!  And stops--not always gracefully, but she's not falling flat on her face, either.

Ready for "kick-off"

Heading towards her "touchdown"

Back to the bottom of the hill to turn around again

And in other news, our new dryer and dishwasher were delivered today.  The dishwasher will be installed tomorrow.  But Screamer has approved of the new dryer.

I'm out of here...gotta' go yell at the TV and cheer for another Auburn Tiger football game!

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