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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Matthew vs. Luke, According to a 7 year-old

Tonight, Gloria decided to start reading the Gospel of Matthew.  It was a suggestion on an Advent calendar that my mom gave her.  I didn't know that was what she was doing while I was working on some lesson plans.  I knew she was reading...just thought it was her AR book, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.

When I finished my work I asked her to tell me about what she was reading.  "I like Luke better," was the response I got.

Huh?  I was confused and then asked what she was reading.  (Some day I will learn not to assume anything!)

"I'm reading Matthew.  I read the first three chapters.  But, I like Luke better.  I think he's a better writer.  He's easier to read and understand."

And then, while brushing her teeth, she caught me off guard again..."Momma, did Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John really write those books?  Or is that just what they want us to think?"

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Once Again

Every year, I remember my Thanksgiving trip of 2003 when Mom and I traveled to Guatemala to see Gloria for the first time.  Even though we were in a hotel, our day was much like any other family Thanksgiving.  We watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and had a turkey dinner (although we didn't do the cooking that year...).  This year is much the same.  The parade is over, dinner is almost ready, and we're enjoying time together.  We have so much to be thankful for:  family, friends, cats (both "bad" and "good"), good health, a job that I enjoy, and so many of the everyday things we tend to take for granted on a day to day basis.

Gloria wrote an acrostic poem at school about Thanksgiving.  Thought I'd share it with my readers today. (And yes, I know she spelled Thanksgiving wrong with the "e" in there, but I'm leaving it as she did it.)

Thanksgiving is a happy time
Happy family
A nice turkey dinner
Native Americans met the Pilgrims
K is my friend that I am thankful for
Seeing my Grandmother and Grandfather
Going to Fairfield
I'm getting to ride horses
Very thankful for my mother
Eating marshmallows in sweet potatoes
In Tennessee for Thanksgiving
Nice to my mother
Going away on a vacation

We are with my parents, in Tennessee.  They did ride horses yesterday.  Gloria has been nice to me so far.  And, I just put the sweet potatoes in the oven and will add the marshmallows shortly.  So I think we are doing quite well!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm Doomed

So how is it that I ended up with a totally girly girl who has developed a love for football and tonight surprised me with her knowledge of basketball???

The Vanderbilt-UNC men's basketball game was on TV tonight.  Gloria got very excited when she noticed that Vandy was ahead..."I didn't know Vanderbilt could be ahead!  Maybe they can win!"  She was cheering them on and when she was congratulating them on making a 3-pointer, I asked her how she knew that.  "From Mr. G at school.  He's a very good PE teacher you know."  She knew about 3-pointers and free throws and that regular baskets were 2 points. I had no idea she knew all of that.  She has no interest in actually playing basketball but was loving watching it.

I am doomed.  I have never paid much attention to sports of any kind.  Now I have to follow it for my daughter's sake.  I guess basketball might take her mind off the lack of football in a few weeks.  She even said she would cheer for Vanderbilt...

As long as they aren't playing the Auburn Tigers...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A "Boring" Saturday

Gloria got up this morning and said she wasn't feeling well.  So, she conned me into letting her watch part of her favorite movie, The Sound of Music, while curled up under blankets on the sofa.  About 11:30, she perked up and we made homemade gluten-free corn dogs together.  She finally decided to get dressed when I told her we needed to go take the recycling and pick up a few things at the grocery store.  But she had a really hard time deciding what to wear.  I just couldn't understand that.  She ALWAYS knows exactly what she wants to wear and it usually involves a skirt or dress.  There was pouting and complaining and general "Prunella" like behavior.  But she finally put on some clothes and off we went. 

On the way home, she was acting like she didn't feel well again and made a beeline for the sofa when we walked in the door.  The rest of her movie was watched and then the crankiness started over again.  What is going on?!?  

"This is a BORING Saturday!" she finally proclaimed as we were making some gluten-free pumpkin cookies.  I figured it was because she has a cold and that always makes her a little disagreeable.  But I was quickly corrected.  "There's no football game for me to watch.  I always watch the Tigers and then cheer for whoever is playing 'Bama.  I told you...this is a BORING Saturday!"

That was when I realized why she was so fussy about getting dressed this morning.  Every Saturday since we went to the Auburn-South Carolina football game in September, Gloria has worn a skirt my mom made for her.  It's made of material that has Auburn symbols all over it.  And she didn't wear it today since the Tigers weren't  playing today!  Guess I better make sure to pack it for our Thanksgiving trip!

And if today was a boring Saturday, I am not looking forward to the end of football season!  It will be a long winter, spring, and summer!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ted the Turkey Goes to Auburn

Written by Gloria for a class assignment:

After watching the Tigers win the Georgia vs. Auburn football game, Ted was just lying down after a great game.  All of the sudden his telephone rang!  He hurried to answer it and on the other end he heard Aubie!  “Hi!” said Aubie.  “Well, is the Munch Bunch giving you a hard time again?”  “Yes!” said Ted, “How did you know?”  “Well, news is all around Auburn,” said Aubie, “and, well, I was just wondering if it was true.”  “Hey! Since the Munch Bunch is  giving you trouble,” said Aubie, “would you like to come out here and help Cam and the others practice for the big game against Alabama?”  “Yes!” said Ted. “Thank you!  I’ll come tomorrow and I’ll leave at 6:00 in the morning.  I better get packing.  Do I need to bring my practice uniform?”  “Yes,” said Aubie.  “You’ll be practicing, you know!”  “Yes,” said Ted.  “Bye!  See you tomorrow!”  After the plane landed he went straight to Jordan-Hare Stadium and saw Aubie and Cam Newton!  “Hi,” said Cam.  “Let’s start practicing as soon as you get into the Auburn uniform.”  “OK,” said Ted.  And after that Ted threw the ball and kept doing this until noon.  “I’m hungry,” said Ted.  “So am I,” said Cam. “Let’s travel up to the cafeteria and we can have come chili.  Say, would you like to stay until the big game?” asked Cam.  “We could practice every day.”  “Yes, I would love it here. I don’t think the Munch Bunch will find me at a college.  They are just in second grade at ********* School.” said Ted.  And they practiced and practiced.  Let’s hope the practice pays off for the big game! 

The poster to go with her story

Aubie, Ted the Turkey in his practice uniform, and Cam on the football field

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Think I Should Be Embarrassed

This is Gloria's most recent "favorite" book.  She came home from school with it a few weeks ago.  I was a little hesitant about her reading it.  For one thing, it is so totally different from her usual choices reading material.  For another thing, I had never read this book, so I wan't sure of the content.  That's something we struggle with since Gloria is in second grade but reading on a sixth grade level. Finding books that have appropriate content is more challenging.  So, I checked the same book out from the public library in order to read along with, if not ahead of, Gloria.  There were a few parts that I thought would scare her and make her put the book down, but I was wrong.  She stuck with it.  All 523 pages of it.  And she loved it.  Absolutely 100% L-O-V-E-D it.  She wants her very own copy for Christmas so she can read it any time she feels like it.

So why am I embarrassed?  Well, I told you I read the book too.  And out of curiosity, I took the AR test on it.  It was a 20 question test (which this teacher must admit she did not know existed--seriously, I knew there were 5 and 10 question tests, but not 20!) and I missed two.  Score of 90%.

Gloria also took the AR test.  And her score?  Well, ahem, not that I'm particularly surprised, but, well, she made a 100%.  Better than her momma.  She was more excited about making a higher score than me than she was about getting the 100.

So then my question to here was "What's next?"  Her answer...Harry Potter.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cleopatra Appeared At My House

Evidently I forgot to share Halloween pictures.  So, here they are.  Gloria decided she wanted to be Cleopatra.  She and my mom made the costume.  I can only take credit for using the hot glue gun to attach the jewels to collar and headband...after Gloria arranged them.

Ready to go to AJ and Charlie's house

"Momma, I feel so beautiful!"

But first a little dinner.  Kids ate free on Halloween.

Excited at the prospect of a bucket full of candy.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cheap Entertainment!

A few weeks ago, I had to buy one of these:

Fun times, right?  You have no idea...

The Best Buy delivery guys brought it on a Saturday.  The installer guy came the next day.  He took out the old one and put in the new one.  He even took the old one away but said he couldn't take this...

Um...ok...Not sure why, but I could live with it for a day or two before I flattened it, crammed it into my car, and hauled it off to the recycling drop-off location.  But it's been almost three weeks now, and that box shows no signs of being allowed to leave my house.

It has become a fun place to read, color, hide, and play.  There were wishes made to make it a homework hideout, but that got vetoed.  Isn't Momma a party pooper?!?  You can't see all the graffiti that is all over the box, both inside and out!  More and more gets added every day.

It is also a great place for the cats to play.  Note the mousey that has been hung from the top of the box.  Screamer loves to play with it until the box collapses on top of him.  Then he uses it like a tunnel.  He and Hannah Cat play hide-and-go-pounce with each other with the box as base!

I have a feeling this box is around to stay for a while....There's no "sneaking" this out of the house!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November: Adoption Awareness Month

It's November again.  I might have mentioned that in my last post.  ;)

That means it is Adoption Awareness Month again.

I could write about adopting Gloria and how this tiny little thing...

has grown into this 7.5 year old...

who is full of life and laughter and love.

But I've done that.  And continue to do that.

I could write about how adoption has changed me as a person.

But I've done that.

I could write about how I love my sweet daughter so much it hurts.  And how, as happy as she makes me and as much as I love her, my heart breaks for her birth mother.

But I've done that too.

Did you know that there are 147,000,000 orphans in our world???  One hundred forty seven million.  MILLION.  That number is staggering to me.  That's my school system 980 times.  That's the population of my state times almost 16.  That's more than one third of the population of our country.  That's a lot of orphans.  Like I said...staggering, mind blowing, sobering.

So what is one to do?  Adoption is one answer.  But what about sponsoring a child--so that child can receive nutritious food, needed vitamins and medical attention, or education?  What about advocating for those who can't advocate for themselves?  Be the voice that gets heard.  Or maybe make a donation to someone's adoption fund.  Adoption is so expensive.  There are many families who desire to adopt, and can manage the day to day expenses.  But the adoption fees can be prohibitive.  I know that, along with changing policies regarding single-parent adoption, stands in my way.  What can I do?

Gloria asked me the other day if we could adopt a baby from a specific country.  Stopped me cold in my tracks.  What can I do?  I'm hoping I can find an answer.

What can you do?

What can we all do together?

Friday, November 5, 2010

A Day "Off" Leads to a Rant of Sorts

Gloria didn't have school today so I took the day off.  It was the easiest way to handle this since this was the 5th day in about 3.5 weeks she's been out.  I worked out all the rest, but just couldn't do this one too.  But, I digress.

Gloria's dental appointment: Check.  She's got 3 loose teeth, and he says she should have lost 6 (yes, SIX) before he sees her again in six months.  Guess the tooth fairy better take out a loan!

Impromptu stop at Starbucks for some (soy) hot chocolate:  Check.  They are already using their red holiday season cups.  It's only November 5th.

Screamer and Hannah to the vet:  Check.  Hannah just got her claws clipped.  Screamer needed his check-up and 2 shots.  Let's just say he lived up to his names--both of them--Screamer and Bad Cat.  He howled and yowled and fussed and carried on all the way there and back.  And while we were there, too.  He didn't care for the poking and prodding at all.  He bit one of the techs.  Didn't hurt, but he did use his mouth as a way to try to get away from her.  He spit out his pills, not once, but 7 times.  She called for reinforcements and it still was a fight.  It was kind of funny, but embarrassing too!

Recycling: Check.  We loaded it up in the car and took it all to the recycling drop-off.  We're doing that more often now that we can recycle more stuff.

Then we ventured to the mall.

And here goes my rant...

It is ONLY November 5th.  NOVEMBER 5th!  But you would think it was the week before Christmas.  All the decorations are up.  Christmas music was playing.  Macy's had their mailbox and "I believe" area set up, ready for you to write your letters to Santa.  Lights, garlands, bows, red boxes, candy canes, you name it.  When we headed into the actual mall, Gloria asked me if Santa Claus would be at the mall.  I assured her that it was much too early for that.

But I was W-R-O-N-G.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  There was the man in red himself.  Gloria froze.  She loves the idea of Santa, but doesn't like to see him.  Not one little bit of him.

I'm sorry, but it's ONLY NOVEMBER FIFTH!!!  Santa Claus, already?!?  Seriously?!?  IT'S NOVEMBER 5TH, people!  Have I mentioned that yet???  Have we forgotten about the Pilgrims and turkeys and cornucopias and the season of fall?  This is absurd.  I know we keep saying that Christmas is  coming earlier and earlier every year.  But it's not.  It's still on December 25th.  The rest of this is commercialism at its absolute worst.  I can't stand it.

I know.  Some will call me "Scrooge."  Some will tell me to accept it--it's just the way it is.  Some don't care.  And some will agree with me.

For now, I'm going to wear my turkey necklace or my fall sweater with the pumpkins and leaves and pilgrim hat on it.  I'm going to enjoy Fall and look forward to spending Thanksgiving with my parents in just a few weeks.  Then I'll come home and get the Advent wreath out and begin to prepare for Christmas.