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Friday, November 5, 2010

A Day "Off" Leads to a Rant of Sorts

Gloria didn't have school today so I took the day off.  It was the easiest way to handle this since this was the 5th day in about 3.5 weeks she's been out.  I worked out all the rest, but just couldn't do this one too.  But, I digress.

Gloria's dental appointment: Check.  She's got 3 loose teeth, and he says she should have lost 6 (yes, SIX) before he sees her again in six months.  Guess the tooth fairy better take out a loan!

Impromptu stop at Starbucks for some (soy) hot chocolate:  Check.  They are already using their red holiday season cups.  It's only November 5th.

Screamer and Hannah to the vet:  Check.  Hannah just got her claws clipped.  Screamer needed his check-up and 2 shots.  Let's just say he lived up to his names--both of them--Screamer and Bad Cat.  He howled and yowled and fussed and carried on all the way there and back.  And while we were there, too.  He didn't care for the poking and prodding at all.  He bit one of the techs.  Didn't hurt, but he did use his mouth as a way to try to get away from her.  He spit out his pills, not once, but 7 times.  She called for reinforcements and it still was a fight.  It was kind of funny, but embarrassing too!

Recycling: Check.  We loaded it up in the car and took it all to the recycling drop-off.  We're doing that more often now that we can recycle more stuff.

Then we ventured to the mall.

And here goes my rant...

It is ONLY November 5th.  NOVEMBER 5th!  But you would think it was the week before Christmas.  All the decorations are up.  Christmas music was playing.  Macy's had their mailbox and "I believe" area set up, ready for you to write your letters to Santa.  Lights, garlands, bows, red boxes, candy canes, you name it.  When we headed into the actual mall, Gloria asked me if Santa Claus would be at the mall.  I assured her that it was much too early for that.

But I was W-R-O-N-G.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  There was the man in red himself.  Gloria froze.  She loves the idea of Santa, but doesn't like to see him.  Not one little bit of him.

I'm sorry, but it's ONLY NOVEMBER FIFTH!!!  Santa Claus, already?!?  Seriously?!?  IT'S NOVEMBER 5TH, people!  Have I mentioned that yet???  Have we forgotten about the Pilgrims and turkeys and cornucopias and the season of fall?  This is absurd.  I know we keep saying that Christmas is  coming earlier and earlier every year.  But it's not.  It's still on December 25th.  The rest of this is commercialism at its absolute worst.  I can't stand it.

I know.  Some will call me "Scrooge."  Some will tell me to accept it--it's just the way it is.  Some don't care.  And some will agree with me.

For now, I'm going to wear my turkey necklace or my fall sweater with the pumpkins and leaves and pilgrim hat on it.  I'm going to enjoy Fall and look forward to spending Thanksgiving with my parents in just a few weeks.  Then I'll come home and get the Advent wreath out and begin to prepare for Christmas.

1 comment:

Brenna said...

I agree. They are bringing out Christmas decoration earlier and earlier every year. I'm just getting over Halloween and just threw out the pumpkin in my classroom. We haven't even started our discussions on pilgrims yet. Just talked and learned about turkeys this past week. It's waaaayyyy too earlier for Santa at the mall.
I'm with you. Keep wearing the fall sweaters. Wait till December 1st at least to wear the Christmas shirts. :)