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Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Think I Should Be Embarrassed

This is Gloria's most recent "favorite" book.  She came home from school with it a few weeks ago.  I was a little hesitant about her reading it.  For one thing, it is so totally different from her usual choices reading material.  For another thing, I had never read this book, so I wan't sure of the content.  That's something we struggle with since Gloria is in second grade but reading on a sixth grade level. Finding books that have appropriate content is more challenging.  So, I checked the same book out from the public library in order to read along with, if not ahead of, Gloria.  There were a few parts that I thought would scare her and make her put the book down, but I was wrong.  She stuck with it.  All 523 pages of it.  And she loved it.  Absolutely 100% L-O-V-E-D it.  She wants her very own copy for Christmas so she can read it any time she feels like it.

So why am I embarrassed?  Well, I told you I read the book too.  And out of curiosity, I took the AR test on it.  It was a 20 question test (which this teacher must admit she did not know existed--seriously, I knew there were 5 and 10 question tests, but not 20!) and I missed two.  Score of 90%.

Gloria also took the AR test.  And her score?  Well, ahem, not that I'm particularly surprised, but, well, she made a 100%.  Better than her momma.  She was more excited about making a higher score than me than she was about getting the 100.

So then my question to here was "What's next?"  Her answer...Harry Potter.


Brenna said...

You should blog a book review of the book for other interested parents and teachers. That would benefit others to know about the book content.

Shelly said...

You should definitely be a little embarrassed, but very, very proud. Way to go, Gloria!