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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Matthew vs. Luke, According to a 7 year-old

Tonight, Gloria decided to start reading the Gospel of Matthew.  It was a suggestion on an Advent calendar that my mom gave her.  I didn't know that was what she was doing while I was working on some lesson plans.  I knew she was reading...just thought it was her AR book, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.

When I finished my work I asked her to tell me about what she was reading.  "I like Luke better," was the response I got.

Huh?  I was confused and then asked what she was reading.  (Some day I will learn not to assume anything!)

"I'm reading Matthew.  I read the first three chapters.  But, I like Luke better.  I think he's a better writer.  He's easier to read and understand."

And then, while brushing her teeth, she caught me off guard again..."Momma, did Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John really write those books?  Or is that just what they want us to think?"

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Brenna said...

So cute! Sounds like a future children's book idea for me: somehow comparing the 4 Gospels and giving reasons for their writing. hmmm...

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