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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hopefully NOT the Way 2011 Will Go!

Well...2011 came in poorly for me!  Four days of running a temperature and curled up under a pile of blankets on the sofa is NO fun!  No fun at all.  But, the fever has finally abated and I can walk up the stairs without feeling like I then need another nap, so things are looking up.  I just hope this hasn't set a precedent for the new year.  2011--you have no where to go but up for me!

Some things I noticed though...

  • Gloria doesn't need me for much more than cooking an occasional meal and driving her places.  She pretty much took care of herself for a few days.  She was amazing.  I love how independent she is, although I do wish she needed her momma a little bit more some days.  I was so thankful for that independence and her self-sufficiency skills over the weekend though.
  • Screamer, AKA "Bad Cat," can make it from one side of the living room, through the dining room, into the kitchen, to the top of the refrigerator without ever touching the ground.  Unless there are slippery, cloth place mats on the table.  Then he slides over the edge of the table.  Note to self:  purchase more cloth place mats instead of those easy to wipe off plastic ones!  (Can you hear my evil laugh here???)
  • Hannah Cat thinks my pile of blankets is for her and I am glared at and growled at if I try to reclaim them as my own.  But she has been constantly at my side, my little "nurse cat."
  • Do you know how good a scrambled egg tastes when you haven't eaten much in four days???  Seriously!!
Now, crossing my fingers that my little Glo-bug doesn't get whatever awfulness I've had for the past few days.  That won't be fun for any of us!

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