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Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

Well, the weather man got it right today.  We did wake up to a "winter storm."  It started snowing sometime during the night.  Gloria's school made their decision to close last night, but my school system chose to wait and actually see the white stuff falling from the sky before making their decision.  I just love it when my phone rings at 5:06 in the morning.  Of course, I was already awake since I usually get up at 5:00 anyway (ONLY on school days, mind you).  The snow is supposed to change over to sleet and freezing rain this afternoon.  Still waiting to see if that happens.  I won't be surprised if we stay home  tomorrow, too.  

Gloria was excited to stay home for two reasons:  one was the snow and the other was that she could wear her Auburn shirt, headband, and tattoos in anticipation of tonight's national championship game.  (Her school has a dress code that doesn't allow her to wear her AU shirt to school.)  After she got dressed and then bundled up on top of all of that, she headed out into the snow on the back patio.  Momma is a wimp when it comes to snow and does not enjoy being out in it for much more than five seconds.  Thankfully, Gloria is ok with playing in the snow by herself while I watch from the living room window.  Screamer was desperate to get outside this morning so I did take him out and put him down in the snow thinking he would hate it and make a bee line for the door.  WRONG!!  When I did take him back inside after a few minutes of exploring in the snow, he sat at the door and cried and pawed  at the door, trying to get back out there.  Hannah Cat is out of her mind with worry about the snow falling from the sky.  She has been on high alert all day and bushes up to three times her size at the slightest disturbance.  They are keeping us entertained today, that's for sure.

So happy to be out in the snow!

Behind our house.

A snowy backyard
 When Gloria finally came in, she was ready for a hot breakfast.  Scrambled eggs and toast are her usual request.
Orange scrambled eggs and toast with blue cream cheese...a breakfast fit for any Tiger fan anxiously awaiting the national championship game tonight.  These were met with exclamations of "AWESOME!" and "That's SO COOL!" and "You're the best momma in the whole wide world!" and "I HAVE to text Uncle Will and tell him what you did!"

Uncle Will and Aunt Martha are in Arizona right now and will be in attendance at the big game tonight.  We hope they are having fun.  Gloria is hoping for another snow day tomorrow so that she can stay up tonight and watch the game.  War Eagle!!!!

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