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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Curiosity Almost Killed the Cat!

Tonight was a busy night.  We didn't get home until 6:30, which is highly unusual for us.  And we are having Gloria's birthday party here tomorrow night.  The house was a mess.  I had things to do for school.  Bathrooms needed cleaning.  Floors needed vacuumed and mopped.  Strawberries were waiting to be dipped in chocolate.  So many things to do!

Gloria's bathroom was my first chore to tackle since I couldn't do that after she went to bed.  Bad Cat Screamer followed me upstairs to watch.  I guess he was curious about the scrubbing bubbles I was spraying in the bath tub and on the counter because he jumped in between the bubbles and my target.  Got himself a light layer of white foam on top of his inky black fur.  Not good!

So...Screamer got a bath.  I didn't want him to lick that stuff off of him and have something happen to him! He was very interested in the water as it ran into the tub.  And while he didn't exactly love his bath, he tolerated it quite nicely...for a cat.  No yowling and howling and gnashing of teeth.  I must admit that I didn't know his legs could spread as wide as the tub.  And every toe on each paw was splayed.  His tail was tucked under his body.  But he tolerated his bath.  He knew when I was finished...and tried to climb the wall to escape.  We toweled him off as best we could after which he spent a full hour licking and grooming every single strand of fur on his body.

I think I've been forgiven.  He's curled up under my feet right now.  And he smells good too!  :)

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