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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The "A" Word

No, not that "a" word!

Try again.  Another "a" word.

Auburn, you say?
Not this time, anyway.  ;)

And not that other "A" word either.
You know, the one that is Auburn's rival.
Yeah, that one.
But, like I said...that's not it.

It's a word I never would have thought of as "the A word."
But evidently some people do.

Or adopted.

"The A word?"
Are you serious?

They say it's a label.
So is "soccer mom"
or "girl"
or "Christian"
or "private school student"
or "second grade teacher"
or, or, or...the list could go on.
Everything is a label, in some way.

And to "not use the A word" with my child...isn't that denying how we became a family?  Or making it seem taboo or something not to be spoken of?  I know if I had told Gloria simply "You were born in Guatemala" that would not have been enough.  The questions I would have to evade or continue to answer only half way would have been along the lines of "Then how did I get here?"  and "Why don't I live there now?"  And without "I adopted you, to be my daughter and part of my family, forever" there would never be a completely truthful answer.

Yes, there are children who struggle with being adopted.
Mine is one of them right now.
Even so, she doesn't think of it as a bad word or something negative.  It's just a fact of her life.

By grace, we have all been adopted into the family of God.
And by God's grace, I am also able to proudly wear the label "Momma," so given to me by my precious daughter.

Who just happens to have been adopted.


Sandra Lane Church said...

Very well said, Merrill. Macy, in her own way, struggles at times, too - asking about her China mommy, and sometimes asking to go back to China. But how precious are those times when we asks me to tell her about how I came to China and said "gotcha" and brought her home to her forever family. Adopting a child has opened my eyes so much in understanding God's love for us as His adopted!

Karen said...

So well said...adoption is not a label for our children; it is simply a part of who they - and we - are. I am a momma by adoption, a child of God by adoption - can not think of two better things to be!

Erika said...

Beautifully put. We ARE adopted into God's family. And what a blessing Gloria was adopted into yours. A perfect fit!

Life with Kaishon said...

A lot of people say their kids never struggle with the fact that they were adopted...I sort of think they are lying. I have never met with a kid that didn't have SOME issues because of it. Abandonment is a very hard thing to deal with. Even if they have the most COMPLETELY wonderful family now. : )
I am glad you talk with her about it. It is a part of life.