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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bed Time?

I usually aim for an 8:00 bed time.

For Gloria, not me--
although that sure would be nice.
5 a.m. comes awfully early some days.


Tonight's conversation went something like this:

G:  Momma, can my bed time be 9:00 when I'm 13?
Me:  Sure.
G:  Yessssssssss! (accompanied by the requisite hand motion)

A few seconds later...

G:  How about when I'm 10?  Can my bedtime be 8:30 when I'm 10?
Me:  I think we can arrange that.
G:  Oh yeah!


G:  How about when I'm 9 my bed time can be 8:15.
Me:  Sounds ok to me.
G:  Oh yeah!  Oh yeah!  8:15 bed time when I am 9!

This whole line of questions and answers continued and she's got her bed times planned out from now until she turns 21.

I think she decided on 10:00 when she is 16 and 11:00 when she is 21.

And, I think I will save this for her to remind her of our agreement some day!

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Sandra Lane Church said...

Love it!