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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Do You Like Apples?

I've been hearing a lot about one girl in Gloria's class who is really getting on G's nerves--fussing at her, saying things that aren't very nice.  They have a history, so it doesn't surprise me.  I think the problem is that they are more alike than either of them would ever dare admit!

Anyway, I told Gloria a few days ago about my principal telling a group of girls that instead of lashing back at the person who is saying something "mean" to instead ask the offender "Do you like apples?"  It's an attempt to change the topic, diffuse the situation, or make the other person laugh.  Gloria thought it sounded odd (so did I, in all honesty).  But said she might try it.

today she tried it
"Momma, it WORKED!  I asked her if she likes apples.  She said yes.  I said okay and walked away.  It was GREAT!"

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Marti said...

This is hilarious. Who would have thought. Maybe I need to try this little trick. Hope no one asks me the same question--I am allergic!