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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Mundane and the URGENT

I could write about my first attempt at making homemade refried black beans tonight.

But I'm not.

I could write about my second grader who couldn't find the class wiki, so he googled me..."and now I know how old you are!"

But not tonight.

I could write about the storm last night and how Screamer really panicked over it.

But I won't.

There are plenty of mundane things going on that I might blog about tonight.

But there are more urgent stories to share.

One is about Kirill.  You can click his name to read about him.  This little boy is being denied a family because he isn't "typical."  He is in an orphanage in Russia and he has Down Syndrome.  He has a family who loves him and wants to adopt him.  But the judge has denied their application based on his "medical institution" and says he is better off spending his life in an institution.  Instead of in the arms of a loving mother and father?!?!


Another is Carrington.  Again, just click her name to read more.  This little girl was recently adopted from an orphanage in Eastern Europe.  Three years old, she weighs just 11 pounds.  She is currently in the hospital fighting for her life.

These children and families need our prayers.


And so do the countless other little children who are still living in situations such as this.

Pray without ceasing.

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