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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Proud of My Girl!

Gloria was so saddened by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  After seeing it on television several times, she told me that she just couldn't watch it any more because it made her sad.  One night at dinner later that weekend she asked me if she could email the head of lower school at her school...she wanted to ask him if they could collect money to help the people of Japan.  I didn't know where she came up with that idea, but I told her that was fine with me.

So, she sat down at my computer and worked very hard to type her email...

Dear Mr.L***,
This week I saw what happened to Japan with the earthquake and the tsunami. I felt sorry for them and wanted to help I also wanted to help because someone at our church has her family living in Japan.So the other day I was looking through my Highlights magazine and in it there was a article about a boy raising money at his school for Haiti when they had the earthquake there. He raised  a little over $380. So I would like  to do the same but for Japan. So if I may I would like to do the same.THANKS!

Thank you again
Gloria ******

It was her spring break, but she spent the week at all day after school care (BORING!) and saw Mr. L one morning.  He told her that he had gotten her email and needed to talk to someone else to see what the school was planning to do.  The next day, she got an email in reply...

Dear Gloria,
Thank you for your enthusiastic offer to help the victims of Japan’s recent tragedy.  Our 6th grade girls are leading the effort for the school to raise funds for the American Red Cross.  I would love for you to be our point person for the Lower School, Gloria.  When the 6th grade girls come to present the project to the classes next week, you could join them and be a part of this campaign.  The girls will be working on this when everyone returns to school next week and I will follow up with you on ways you can help. 

Thank you, Gloria, for expressing your desire to be involved, and for your leadership in this service project! 

C******* C***
Community Service Coordinator

Can I tell you that Gloria was THRILLED that she was going to get to help!  Last week she got to meet with the sixth grade girls as they planned their presentations and she got to go with a small group to some of the lower school classes to talk about the project.  

And now, every time she finds a stray coin, she puts it in a baggie that she is taking to school as her contribution.

I'm so proud of her precious little heart and her caring for others.  

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