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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Random Thoughts From a Tired Momma

Truly random

You've been warned!  :)

  • It cost me $45.46 to get gas this afternoon.  And that was just for 3/4 of a tank!  That's more than it used to cost to fill up the van!  Ugh!  Double ugh!
  • I have been both "Mean Momma" and "The Best Momma in the Whole World" all in one afternoon.  The "mean" designation was over homework.  To Miss G, "help" means "just tell me the answer" and I wasn't complying with that directive.  But then I made our own pancake supper at home using the new-ish gluten free Bisquick.  That made all things right in the 8 year old's world.
  • I'm tired.  Really tired.  Have been for over a week now.  
  • Just finished making a Tres Leches Cake for Gloria to take to school for their heritage celebration.  The whipped cream is made.  Will spread it in the morning.
  • Discovered over the weekend that two of her Guatemala dresses still fit.  And a third one is just right to be considered a tunic.  Need to find some leggings to match it.  I'm so glad she can still wear these.  I really thought she had outgrown them.  She's happier than I am about it and will be wearing one for the above-mentioned heritage celebration tomorrow.
  • It was light as I was driving to work at 6:30 this morning.  Really!  I much prefer driving to work to in the light of a new day instead of by the light of the nighttime moon.
  • Random dinner question the other night from Gloria to me:  If you could travel anywhere you wanted to, where would it be?  I told her I would like to travel to China and we discussed why.  Her answer was Guatemala.  No surprises there.
  • Then she changed it...What if you could travel anywhere you wanted to in any time period you wanted?  Before I had a chance to answer, she went on to tell me that she would like to visit Ancient Egypt or else the early Mayan civilization.  I haven't come up with my answer yet.
  • Went to the library to return 2 books I had been reading.  Left with 13 new ones for Gloria--and quite an interesting assortment of fiction and non-fiction, novels and picture books.
  • Have I mentioned that I'm tired???
  • At a stand-still on the thesis.  Yes, again.  I had to return my books to the seminary library again.  Will wait a week and request some new ones.  I think my Lenten discipline might be to spend 30 minutes a day working on this thing.  I've GOT to get it done.  Ugh, again!
  • Screamer (AKA Bad Cat) seems to be mellowing a bit.  Hannah Cat still hates him though.  She has been quite mean to him lately.  
  • Right now both cats are curled up under my feet.  Usually HC is in my lap with her head and front paws resting on my left elbow.  That makes it hard to type!
  • I'm tired, so I'm stopping now.
  • Did you know this is my 200th blog post?  Is that a milestone?  Who knows.  I'm too tired to think about it!


Marti said...

Sounds like you have reason to be tired. Your days never stop do they? If I could travel anywhere in the world?... my answer, too , is China. :P I love studying China's culture. When I taught Geography, I was always excited when we reached Asia in our curriculum and even more excited when we studied China.

Erika said...

I wouldn't have known what to say either. My answers would have seemed quite "elementary" compared to G's answers. I mean...early Mayan civilization...?!