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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Report Card Day

Today was report card day for someone in this house.  She was pretty worried about my parent-teacher conference this afternoon.  Don't know what that was all about, but it was kind of funny.

I have to admit that parent-teacher conferences are not my favorite part of my job...

And I like being on the parent side of the table even less.

I remember my first one when she was in TK...I was shaking so badly and seriously thought I was going to throw up on my way to the school.

It's hard being a parent and a teacher.
I'm not allowed to be the teacher at home. (Guess who made that rule...)
And I'm fine with that.
Although there are times when I have to bite my tongue...
"If you would just do it MY way..." doesn't work.
She gets so torn between her loyalty to her momma and her loyalty to her teacher..."But Mrs. T said to do it THIS way..."

So back to today...

The thing about this year's teacher is that she and I are on the same page about Miss G.

The. Same. Page.

And it makes Gloria N-U-T-S.
Absolutely N-U-T-S.

"Gloria, why don't you slow down and reread that book."
"Ooooohhhh  Mommaaaaaa!!!  That's what Mrs. T. said!"

"Gloria, maybe you should try a different genre of books.  Stretch your horizons a little bit."
"Mrs. T. said that, too.  I don't want to."

So when I read the following today, there were no surprises.
And of course, I can read between the lines and know exactly what Mrs. T. was *really* saying!  :)
(The italicized parts are what her teacher said.  The regular print is my own commentary.  Just in case you couldn't figure that out.)

Gloria is having a great year in second grade!  Her enthusiasm continues to brighten the room each day.  Gloria strives to do her best in every subject.  She enjoys getting everything correct and can get frustrated when things don't go perfectly on the first try.  (REALLY???!!!???  I had no idea!  HA!!!)  Gloria is encouraged to slow down when completing her work, focusing on the purpose and enjoyment of assignments and literature.  (I had that exact same conversation with her two nights ago, met with much protest, moaning, and groaning!  "I can't slow down.  It's just how I read!  But then I miss questions on my comprehension tests."  "So slow down."  "But I can't slow down...")  Gloria will be encouraged to try new books and genres that may be outside of her comfort zone.  (You mean like the books I brought home from MY classroom for her--biographies and non-fiction, something other than Ramona, Fudge, Pony Pals, Nancy Drew...???)  In math, she continues to enjoy new concepts, and is learning to ask questions when something appears difficult.  (HA!!  Not at home!  Can you say "total meltdown"???)  She enjoys helping her friends understand mathematical concepts as well.  (Not sure that's a good idea if she's struggling as much as she claims she is...)  In social studies and science, Gloria loves asking questions and finding the answers through research.  She is a naturally inquisitive student!  I enjoy having Gloria in my class this year.

Of course I am very proud of her.  Don't get me wrong.  I just love it that her teacher sees what I see and comments on it.

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