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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spring Cleaning

For some reason, last Saturday I decided that I would clean out one room each weekend this month and get rid of the junk that is hiding in the dark corners of the cabinets and closets, under beds and in boxes.

I've had enough!
It feels like the walls are closing in on me.

Or maybe it's all the stuff.

Either way, I can't take it any more.

Last Saturday I attacked the kitchen.  I still have one cabinet left in there, but it's mostly play dough and sidewalk chalk...I think...

Today, Gloria's room was our target.

It was bad.

It took us about 7 hours, including a trip to Goodwill.

I was going to take a picture of what it looked like after we took e-v-e-r-y... l-a-s-t...t-h-i-n-g out of her closet...

But it was awful!!!
Really awful!!!
I couldn't bear to digitize that moment.
It's seared in my mind as it is, and that's enough for me, thank you very much.

Two kitchen-sized bags of garbage,
two more garbage bags of clothes (a few things were mine that had been in her closet for...I don't know how long),
a large laundry basket,
and the cats' favorite cardboard box...

That's what filled my car when we left for the neighborhood trash compacter and Goodwill.

We refueled with some yummy Qdoba for a late lunch and got back to work.

Filled up another bag of garbage and another bag for Goodwill, rearranged furniture, organized doll clothes.

We're worn out!

Now for the one decision I couldn't make...

What do I do with these...

Two years of Highlights and Ranger Rick.  Three years of National Geographic for Kids.

Show books from some of the shows we've been to.  
I could probably take the magazines to school and use them in my classroom.

But the show books...I know we don't need them any more.  You can't tell from the picture, but they are quite "loved."  And they represent memories.  And it hurts my heart to think about putting them in the recycling bin.

But they are just collecting dust on the bottom shelf of her bedside table and she doesn't care what I do with them...

What to do???

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