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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tidbits of This and That

  • Yesterday afternoon, Gloria informed me from the back seat of the car that she will be going to college in ten, yes 10, years.  GULP!  She's funny because she thinks things through out loud, so next was "I wonder how they decide who can go to what college.  But I know one thing is for sure...I better not get a letter from Alabama.  If I do, I will decline the instant I open it.  They better not send me a letter like that!  I'll only accept a letter from Auburn!  Or Vanderbilt, if Momma says I have to go there."  How could I not laugh out loud?  I mean does she know the word "decline"???  
  • Hannah Cat is sitting on my lap while I type this.  She's trying to steal my straw out of my Chick-fil-a cup.  (She loves to play with straws until she loses them under the stove or refrigerator.)  So I'm alternately typing and catching my cup before it hits the floor.  Fun times.
  • Chick-fil-a sandwiches are good, but they are even better when they are free!  :)  Loved that coupon from the value pack thingy that comes in the mail.
  • Gloria's second soccer game was this morning.  It wasn't as bad as the last one...But it was cold and rainy.  Last time, it was cold.  This time it was cold and raining.  What's in store for next week?  Snow???
  • We had a couple of warm days this week.  Warm enough for sandals instead of the usual choice of black flats, black patent leather flats, or loafers.  I left my flip flops out the other day and Screamer chewed them up.  Seriously, there are teeth marks all over them.  They are two years old though, and I was going to probably get some new ones this year anyway, but still...cats aren't supposed to chew shoes!  That's a dog's job!
  • Paper cuts HURT!
  • Looking forward to a four day work week next week.  Teacher workday on Friday!  Yay!  

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