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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Preparations

Gloria loves Easter.  Sometimes she says she loves it more than Christmas.  So we always try to make Easter Day a special day.

Most years,  it is just the two of us together on Easter.  School schedules make travel difficult.  A few years one or the other of us was sick.  A couple of times we went to my parents' house.  This year, my parents are here.

Combine Easter and a visit with "the best grandparents a girl could ask for" and a certain eight year old was about to pop from excitement today!  Oh the preparations that had to take place!  Cleaning, baking, working on Easter lunch...What better way to keep us on track than to make a list!  And make a list we did.  It looked like this:

Make bread
Banana muffins
Resurrection cookies
Bunny cake
Mop kitchen
G's room
Bathrooms (yeah, don't know why/how those were on there twice!)
dye eggs
chicken salad
Magee and Hada's bag
deviled eggs

I was a little overwhelmed just looking at that list!  We spent most of our day in the kitchen.  But, I am glad to say, every item on the list was crossed off before bedtime tonight.  And Gloria helped with most of it.  She even did a few things all by herself.  (She's most proud of her banana muffins that she made without my help...just a little consultation.)

Making the chocolate cake, which would become the bunny cake later.

Who doesn't love to like the beaters?  And even better, it was a gluten-free mix.

Time to dye eggs.

The finished product.

So proud of her bunny cake that she decorated!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun!


Martha said...

We've always wanted to make a bunny cake but never have. My aunt always made one when I was a little girl..sweet memories.

3 Peanuts said...

What a cute cake. Your daughter is beautiful!!! How cool that we have the same baskets. I have never seen them elsewhere..I assume she meant the bunny ones.