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Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Not-so-great Start to the Weekend (Sunday Snapshot)

We were headed to school early Friday morning, minding our own business.  Gloria was telling me about the inquiry project on The Forbidden City that she is working on with a classmate.  I was listening to her and watching a school bus on my left run speed up to get through a yellow light (it didn't make was red.)  I stopped at the light and was ready to turn right when WHAM!!!!

All I remember at that point is thinking "What just happened?" and Gloria crying out that same thing.  Poor thing.  She was so scared and upset.  I was too, but had to be the adult/mom and stay calm and collected.

There was a police officer in the other lane who turned around and came over.  It was a simple case of the guy behind me rear ending me.  Nothing more.  No one was hurt.  I am surprised at how "well" my car survived the impact.  To my eye, it's just the bumper.  I'm sure there's something underneath.  But the body, the brake lights, the trunk...all in good shape. 

I never really looked at it really well until we got home that afternoon.  Here's what it looked like.

Gloria was *thrilled* to discover that "her" AU  magnet doesn't even have a scratch.  

Not wanting to drive around for the next few days with my bumper flapping in the breeze, I went to work with some bungee cords.  Talk about classy!  Ha!

But it looks much better with three bungee cords holding my car together, doesn't it?

Sunday Snapshot


Martha said...

Oh man! Sorry that happened! Glad the Auburn magnet get lost in the crash too! LOL

Mama F said...

glad no one was hurt! enjoy your sunday!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh no! Isn't that the scariest thing? I am so glad that no one was seriously injured and you were able to keep on driving! : ) That tent tie is VERY classy! : )

Jen said...

So glad you are both safe...that's why they are called accidents right?!!

Nancy said...

Bungee cords, duct tape, and a hot glue gun can fix anything! Hope the repairs are quick and smooth.

Lisa said...

Oh! Man! So sorry to hear that! BUT! So glad everyone is okay.

Yeah, Bungee cords are classic. :) LOL!

Rebecca said...

Classy! I love your bungee fix!

Annie said...

Oh no, so sorry that happened and so glad you all are ok!!!