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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Home Alone

Gloria is off for an overnight field trip tonight.  To say she was excited this morning would be an understatement.  She eagerly told me goodbye this morning when I dropped her at before school care.  She could have at least feigned a little sadness at my departure.  That "I'll see you tomorrow afternoon" was said with a little too much excitement and anticipation.  That smile across her face was just a little bit too big.  At least pretend you're going to miss me, whydon'tcha!

(I think all the second graders at her school have been anticipating this trip since last year when they went to the same place for just a day trip.  Second grade goes for two days and one night.  Third grade gets to go for three days and two nights, lucky dogs!)

After school this afternoon, I was faced with a dilemma...what to do with myself?!?!  No need to rush out to make it to her school in time for dismissal.  No homework to manage.  No one to worry about...well, except for the cats.

I could have gone to the Y.
I could have stayed late and done some school work.
I could have come home and taken a nap.

Yep...coulda' done all those things.

Instead, I took the car in for service.  Fun stuff, right?
But much easier without a tag-along.

Contemplated a half-price frap-uh-cheeeee-no for dinner.
Passed that up for a pizza from my favorite pizza place.
Hey, it's got spinach on it.
And I got a salad to go with it.
It's not ALL bad, right?

And now it is so quiet, so peaceful at my house.
No television.
No piano.
No singing.
No stalling for bath and bedtime.
Even the cats are quiet.

Think I'll enjoy it...
for tonight!

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