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Friday, May 27, 2011

I Cried This Morning

On the way to work.
Driving and teary eyes are not a good combination...
Just in case you didn't know.

I was just a jumbled mess of thoughts this morning, and it all got the best of me.

  • I'm tired.  School will be out in two more weeks, and every teacher I know is just weary.  It's been a tough year.  Not so much the children, just all the "other" stuff.
  • And then I found out last night that our state senate has proposed cutting the salary of all teachers who have both National Board certification AND a Master's degree.  There are 7, 761 teachers in that category.  I am one of those 7,761.  It's not a huge cut, and I'm glad they didn't cut the National Board salary increase all together, but still...The cut is enough to be one fourth of my grocery budget each month.  It's enough to be one fourth of my gas bill each month.  (It seems ironic that I spend about the same amount on food and gas, doesn't it???)  It's one and a half weeks of before school care each month.  It could be a whole lot of things.  And financial stuff stresses me out and makes me cry.
  • Our sweet friends, and Gloria's Godparents, were closing on their house today as they continue their move to another state.  That one is really tearing me up.
  • Ten minutes.  I know, ten minutes doesn't seem worth the energy it takes to cry.  But this one has me in a pickle.  Ten minutes is the difference between the time I can drop Gloria at school and the time I NEED to drop Gloria at school next school year.  Ten minutes is the difference in what time I can get to my school if I drop Gloria at school at the time I can drop her and the actual time I need to be there.  Ten minutes is suddenly complicating things.  And I don't know what to do.
  • Summer is almost here.  Why cry about that?  It's that financial stuff again.  Teachers only get paid ten months.  That makes the summer really tough.  I've saved what I could, but it's not enough.  Anyone want to order some Usborne books?  (yes, another shameless plug...last one, I promise.)  
  • And then I was crying because I was crying on the way to school.  It's an ugly cycle, isn't it.
Tonight I'm going to curl up on my sofa with my cats, and watch a DVD of old "Friends" episodes.  Then I'm going to sleep until the cats or Gloria or both wake me up in the morning.  Hoping for some sunshine and a sunshine-y outlook tomorrow!


Karen said...

Merrill - praying for you. Sometimes life just get over whelming - it's ok to cry a little.

Martha said...

how do i order books?

Merrill said...


Email me at boykinma @ att dot net (leave out the spaces and use the actual "dot" instead of the word!) I'll see if you have an email on your blog, too.