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Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Grocery Deals

I don't usually say anything much about grocery shopping.
I pretty much hate it.
And the way food costs keep going up?!?
I'm not sure how we will eat this summer.
You know...
since teachers don't get paid in the summer.
My budget was based on last summer's prices!

In an effort to keep my grocery prices low, I have pretty much given up shopping at "the Teeter."  The prices there are SO MUCH HIGHER than at, ahem, "Wally World."  Even with their double coupons.  But this week the Teeter resurrected TRIPLE coupons.  Combine that with some store specials, and here's what I managed:

1 box of Uncle Ben's rice:  FREE
1 jar of Peter Pan peanut butter:  $0.50
Silk almond milk:  $0.25
Quaker rice snacks:  $0.36
4 Yoplait yogurts: FREE (the coupon was 40 cents off 6, triple that was $1.20 off, which was the equivalent of 2 yogurts.  And we had two coupons)


And a few other items I got at much lower than usual prices, that beat W-M or Tarjay with the regular or stacked coupons:

Starbuck's ice cream:  $2.74 (total splurge, but so yummy, and the most expensive item I purchased)
Sargento cheese sticks:  $2.50 (They really are the best, but I refuse to buy them most of the time.  Gloria was so happy.)
Jello pudding:  $1.69 (something else I *rarely* purchase.  Again, Gloria was VERY happy.)
My hairspray: $1.49
Granola thins:  $1.24

Total coupon savings:  $25.45 (plus a little more with my store card)

And as easy as it would have been to go ahead and finish my shopping list there, I resisted and traipsed off to Wally World.

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