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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Screamer Misses His Girl

I've been home for about an hour.  Gloria did not come with me.  She is at her first slumber party ever.  And I think Screamer misses his girl!  He's been wandering around the house meowing, pausing to stare mournfully at the front door.  He keeps jumping up on my lap and meowing in my face before he takes off for some more house wandering.  He won't even eat the food I put in his bowl!  (Mine is not the hand that feeds.  That is Gloria's job.)  Yeah, I'm pretty sure he misses her.

This is only for one night.

What's he going to do when she is off to "Camp Maggie Hada" for three weeks?

One of his favorite places...curled up on Gloria's tummy.

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