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Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Going to the Pool"

It's funny to me..."going to the pool."

I grew up in Florida and we had a pool in our backyard, in three different houses.  And many of my friends had pools in their backyards, too.  So we didn't have to "go to the pool."  The pool was already there.  We just had to walk/skip/run/race out the back door and jump/dive/cannonball/get pushed into the water.

Marco Polo
Sharks and Minnows
Diving contests
Talking under water
Races across the pool

We would swim and play for hours.

And best of all, there was no "adult swim."  Who ever invented that obviously never had to drag a small, protesting, wet, wiggly toddler out of the pool or deal with a pouter who really just wants to be in the water!

Now, it takes effort to go to the pool.  Towels, sunscreen, goggles, the ever elusive green band (if we are going to the Y pool), diving rings (if we are going to our neighborhood pool), water bottles, snacks, pool pass or Y all has to be gathered and packed into the pool bags and hauled along with us.  The Y pool is about 15 minutes away.  Our neighborhood pool is just a quick walk up the hill.  (I prefer the Y pool for several reasons.)

There are times I long for the way of life from my childhood.  (Does that make me sound old???)  I guess "going to the pool" is one of those times.

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