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Saturday, June 25, 2011

It Was Worth a Shot...

In case you didn't know it...

I have a huge Auburn Tigers fan living at my house.

She seriously intends to go to college there...
"In just twelve more years, you know, Momma."
I'm seriously wondering if I need to go on and move to the state of Alabama now, just to establish in-state residency.

In an effort to perhaps offer another alternative, we stopped at Vanderbilt on our way home from Camp Maggie-Hada this week.  
After all, just like Auburn, Vandy runs in the family.
And surely a mother and a grandmother trump one beloved uncle, right?!?

 We wandered around the campus and read about Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt ("Oh!!!  So THAT'S why they are called the Commodores!" she exclaimed after reading one of the historical markers), took a few pictures, and visited the bookstore where we found a "fabulous" pink tote bag.

But even the fabulous pink tote bag doesn't trump all things orange and blue.

As we headed out of town I was told that "Vanderbilt is nice and it might be ok for me.  But Auburn is definitely still my favorite.  OK, Momma?"

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Amie said...

Got to give it up for a girl who knows what she wants!! :)


Marti said...

War Eagle! She is going to be the best Auburn fan! Has she considered Mississippi State? LOL

Martha said...

Waaaaaar eagle...from my hubby! I would say "Hail State" as I went to Miss. State...played in the famous maroon oldest wants to transfer to Belmont next year after his sophomore year...lots of college favorites at our house

anything but LoKEY said...

Funny. We don't live too far from there. And even though we have always been GA fans it hasn't stopped all these AU fans from trying to convert us since we moved here 6 years ago. They are die hard!

Brooke said...

War Eagle, HEY!! We are Auburn fans through and through. Go ahead and move to Bama and be our neighbor! We'd love to watch the Tigers with you and your little cutie!! :)

Cedar said...

I don't know anything about college sports, but these are some fun photos! Have a great week!

Chris said...

Wow, what a great goal!

The college will be here before you know it!