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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lovies (Sunday Snapshot)

(Note:  I can get away with this today because Gloria is off for two weeks of grandparent style fun and loving!)

How many lovies does one girl need?

Evidently, at our house, the answer is 7.

There used to just be three.
And two of them were small.
Bubbie (the white bear), Blankie (the ratty yellow blanket), and Lovie (one of those satin-y little square things).

But somehow, we are up to 7.
Bubbie, Blankie, Lovie, Magic (the Web-kinz tiger), Josephina (the American Girl), and the AU tiger pillow are all in bed with her every night.  
Each of them is special in his/her own way.  
And each of them has a very specific place each night.  
And it never changes.

But wait, you say.
That's only 6.
Right you are!
I had to draw the line somewhere.

When she wanted to sleep with the horse, I had to say "NO WAY!"

So now, Penny (I think...or is it Spotty now?...or was it Spotty and got changed to Penny?  I can't remember!) stands guard over everyone at night.

Now, am I the only one with a child who sleeps with a large number of lovie/security type items?  What does your child sleep with?

Sunday Snapshot


shelley said...

We have...the toy story trio buzz, woody, bullseye. The tiger that he had in China...the monkey he had in China. A blanket that my mother made to give him in China....the list goes on. They have a special place too.

Kait said...

Natalie has a Buzz Lightyear, a stuffed bear (named Nom), a stuffed giraffe (named Dragon), a stuffed alien, a ladybug Zoobie and a panda mini Pillow Pet. Marley has a pink stuffed monkey (named Polar Bear), a light up seahorse, a little stuffed bear, and a Puddin Pop Kids doll. It's ridiculous but I can't bring myself to cull the collection.

Chris said...

Gotta love the 'lovies'!!